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We provide guarding services for various apartment societies as well as standalone buildings. We use all the modern security techniques to proffer the excellence in our services. Understanding your superior preference for safety.

Tech Park

Tech Park

The requisite of added security is heightened, hence we provide you with exceptional guarding services for various Tech Parks by our skilled officers. The patrolling services ensure the monitoring of every activities in the vicinity of the property besides making sure of prevention of any thefts, fire, etc.



Our professionally trained guards will ensure the protection of the staffs of the hospital, patients and visitors. The properties of your hospital are of sole responsibility of our skilled guards. Our guards endeavor to prevent any disturbances within the facility as well as prevent theft, fire a vandalism.

Manufacturing Site


Safety of employees in a manufacturing site is very necessary as it consists of various heavy machinery and thousands of moving parts. These increases the chances of fatal accidents. Black Belt Detectives offer you an integrated security system to enhance the safety of the employees. After the employees leave our skilled guards also ensure the safety of the construction materials from thefts, fire, etc.



It’s a specialized security branch which is dedicated to the needs and security concerns of various retail chains. The main responsibility of our guards would be to keep a keen observation on any kind of activities like shoplifting. It’s crucial to protect stock against theft and damage. Therefore we’re offering the best Retail Security Services.

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

We train our officers to develop their situational awareness as it is highly necessary for the responsible role of a shopping mall security. Our professional trained guards will ensure the protection of the staffs of the Mall’s staff, visitors.
The properties of your mall are the sole responsibility of our skilled guards. Our guards endeavor to the prevent any disturbances within the facility as well as prevent theft and fire.

Airport Security

Airport Security

Airport security is rapidly evolving. Our highly trained airport security personnel have a strong business ethos, long-term stability and proven expertise in delivering an outstanding customer service approach to airport security. We recognize the demands of this environment as well as the challenges associated with supporting the unique client base found at airports and transportation hubs.

Personal Bodyguard

Personal Bodyguard

We provide comprehensive security solutions that are delivered by experienced and highly-trained executive protection specialists. Our bodyguards have previous military, police or intense security background. We protect more than just people, property and assets, we also work hard to protect your privacy, personal interests and reputation.

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Our fully trained mobile security supervisors can check your premises during vulnerable hours and deal with all important security issues. We carry out an agreed number of inspections on the premises at random intervals throughout the night. We are committed to providing highest quality of security (guards) and protection services to individuals and businesses.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions traditionally have been considered to be safe havens, however a number of violent crimes against students, staff, or campus visitors have changed that perception. Blackbelt Detectives ensuring campus-wide security is a delicate balancing act as security in educational institutions is ever-changing and needs to be kept under constant review, with vulnerable areas identified and remedial actions implemented to address them.

Special Event Security

Special Event Security

Blackbelt Detectives offer special event security services that can handle a public and private event of any size. When it comes to providing event security, we take pride in offering only the best. We encourage senior security guards to be team leaders, and all other staffs are assigned to the event to ensure effective communications, crowd control, emergency response and access control.

financial Service Security

Financial Service Security

Blackbelt Detectives provide Financial Services Security to a wide range of financial institutions including banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. Our Financial Services Security Division is dedicated to managing the high level of service and support of security services. Our specialized recruiting and training program for security guards is designed to meet the unique needs of financial institutions.


Register Maintenance

Maintenance of register is necessary regularly for keeping more organized records of the check-ins and check-outs.

Immediate Response Team

Our skilled team of guards are trained to mitigate the impact of various unforeseen events that call for immediate measures.

Labour Attendance Registration

Maintaining high risk information is a part of.the security forces key area of responsibility to ensure labour's identity and attendance is verified.

Gate Control

Our clients use our Gate Control services as a replacement or a complement to their existing operating security system.

Mob Control

Appoint a responsible team of guards from Black Belt Detectives for controlling various mob disputes.

Fire Safety

Black Belt Detectives train the security guards with specific care and attention for contributing to fire safety.

Response To Threat

Our men are trained to detect potential threats and immediately respond to the threats.

Emergency First Aid

In Black Belt detective Pvt Ltd, we mandate the training a. certification of the basic and emergency first aid.


We have earned an immense reputation for our services in patrolling.

Queue Management

Black Belt Detectives have trained men who can manage queues skilfully and keep things organ,cd in a medical establishment.

Bill Verification

We provide Bill verification services to maintain an integrated security system to avoid the breaching of any data.

Material Movement Registration

Site material movernentt are high risky transactions that are of high value to our clients. We ensure a record is maintained to reduce the risk of loss or theft

Fire Safety Methods

We focus on extra precautionary methods to keep the critical areas of a hospital protected.

Site Material Audit

Cost of site material for large projects can be very high and maintaining strict records and regularly cross-checking the information puts us in a better place to backtrack and find solutions to problems that rnay occur, either by the case of loss or theft.

Background Verification

To add another layer of protection, we perform certain criminal records checks for current employees on an ongoing basis.

On-job training

On-the-job training and refresher courses are provided periodically by our highly acclaimed instructors to continually maintain and improve service delivery on-sites.

Professional reports

We manage different reports related to security survey, MIS reports and Incident reports.

Surprise visits

We provide a means to check and record the time that security guards executed his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the area he patrols.