Future of Airport Security in the wake of COVID-19: The role of Black Belt Detectives

Airport Security

Over a period of less than five months, the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic has transformed passenger’s lives and caused massive upheaval and shutdowns of airport operations around the globe.

This has forced airport customer experience and customer service teams to rethink the meaning of customer care. Now more than ever, they are finding how it is crucial to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Considering how airports are the main means for people to gain access and entrance to a country, it is only right that proper steps are taken to ensure airport security from a security service provider at all times.

Security guards are expected to do an alert surveillance. They need to ensure that proper surveillance is carried out in the facility. They need to do it in the airport’s surrounding grounds as well. This is important to make sure that anything untoward or anything that is out of order will be easily detected. They need to always be on the lookout for activities that may endanger the people that are at the airport when they are boarded on the plane.

Airport Security Guards are also expected to patrol the facility for regular check-ups and are also tasked to do surveillance through checking the many security cameras that are installed in the setting. Airport Security Guards tasked to do screenings as well. This involves screening passengers as well as their clothes for possible items that they may have with them that are considered dangerous and security risks.

X-ray machines are often used to perform this or other electronic devices that may serve a similar purpose. It is the job of security screeners to get baggage inspected to ensure that they are no harmful substances that are carried to the plane. They need to check for possible explosives as well. Baggage is checked for the presence of weapons such as guns and knives tools that terrorists may be able to use to harm people on a flight or to hijack planes when on the flight.

The behavior of the passengers is also assessed and checked to ensure that they are not intoxicated or in a state where they may become unruly while they are in flight. Security guards are expected to enforce laws too. They are expected to do so through coercive measures at a time. This is to be expected though as they are the first line of defense of any country or city against the entry of people who may end up causing others harm. There is no disputing that before the pandemic the market for air travel was robust, passenger counts within the air travel system were breaking all-time highs month after month. The entry of low-cost airlines worldwide has made it easier and less expensive to travel today than at any other time in history.

Customer experience and COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, airport customer experience management was focused on promoting and fostering positive customer emotions and perceptions through all of their interactions with an airport community. These interactions could be delivered in person, online, through self-service booths, or other channels and the focus was on journey mapping and adapting the experience to different passenger personas.

In the aftermath of the pandemic it is worth re-examining the market for air travel and asking whether we can take steps to improve the passenger experience, make airline operating cost less onerous, and strengthen the industry’s financial situation so that it can endure future economic shocks. We believe, with qualification, that these can all be accomplished. The flight experience could be greatly improved with a modicum of regulatory changes that would serve to reduce flight times, relieve airport congestion, and lessen airline regulatory compliance costs.

Black Belt Detectives unparalleled airport security service positively transform Airport security systems.

Black Belt Detectives highly qualified personnel provide a wide range of airport security services, including pre-board screening and services for all vulnerable areas of airports. We are a trusted partner to governments, airport authorities, airlines and private freight carriers.

Black Belt Detectives airport security services: pre-board screening

Black Belt Detectives provides comprehensive pre-board screening services, including:

  • Passenger screening by security guards and frontline managers.
  • Non-passenger screening, flight and cabin crews, airline customer service personnel, maintenance personnel, baggage handlers and other airport staff.
  • Inspection of vehicles entering secure areas of the airport, drivers, passengers and their personal belongings are screened using a walk-through metal detector or a portable metal detector.
  • Verification of the contents, dimensions, shapes and seals of air cargo before it’s loaded onto a cargo or passenger aircraft. Our methods include physical inspections, detection dogs, explosive trace detection and X-ray inspection.

Black Belt Detectives airport security: securing vulnerable areas

When it comes to airport security, it’s essential to identify access points and to develop a comprehensive security program. Public access can become a bottleneck, while restricted areas requires special security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them. Black Belt Detectives has the expertise and resources to cover all your access control needs:

  • Access control and ID card validation for restricted areas
  • Bag and checked baggage screening
  • Thorough search of cabins and luggage
  • Patrolling the facilities, including airport infrastructure, 24/7
  • Airport and aircraft security, including escorts for operations, cabin inspection, baggage area security, identity verification, special security for flights to high-risk destinations, protection of restricted areas, access control to facilities and cargo escort
  • Responding to security breaches, bomb threats and all other emergencies, including medical emergencies

See how Black Belt Detectives airport security services cover the needs of airport authorities, airlines and private cargo carriers. Contact us to get a quote.

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