Education during and post COVID-19: The role of Black Belt Detectives

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The impact of COVID-19 on education sector felt worldwide. From 1.5 billion learners out of school in March, nearly 1.1 billion learners in 146 countries are still affected today. As many countries have begun phased processes of reopening schools, it is time for security service providers to pause and reflect on what happened.

A large number of girls, boys, and adolescents from low-income families, and in rural areas do not have access to distance learning, especially computers and the Internet.

Addressing these challenges and many others require putting in place equitable and inclusive initiatives based on context and sensitive to the reality of families. This includes combining the use of radio, television, printed materials, as well as internet-based learning.

Education activists must remain vigilant that governments don’t shift resources away from education and that donor aid is maintained for the sector.

Many developing countries already at risk of indebtedness will rely on international support to urgently deploy the financial resources needed to address the aftermath of the crisis.

It is particularly important as the impact of COVID-19 on education has ignited renewed impetus around the Leave No-One Behind banner and funds should be made available to address the specific needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized, especially in times of crises.

Black Belt Detectives Security Service positively transform public education systems.

Black Belt Detectives security team have been playing a vital role during the Corona Virus pandemic. Now, as many Institutions, colleges and universities look to re-open their campuses safely in upcoming few months, they have valuable insights to share.

Our COVID-19 Response Team was very much in the spotlight for giving essential tips and safety measurement guidelines to re-open after lock-down. Black Belt Detectives forefront of tracking and modelling the spread of the virus, designing mitigation measures, and developing a worry free safe zone for all students. Educational institutions must be able to provide a safe environment for students, teachers and visitors. Black Belt Detectives security solutions specifically designed for the education sector, We work closely with school authorities to design flexible and sustainable security programs that meet the specific security needs of any institutions, colleges and universities.

Black Belt Detectives Contributing to a safe learning environment

Our security professionals receive special training to work in educational establishments to assure optimal protection from violent attacks, theft and vandalism and to prevent street gangs, drug dealers and other types of lawbreakers from coming into contact with students within their campuses.

Our security services for schools, colleges and universities include:

  • Security guards
  • Mobile patrols and alarm response units
  • Access control
  • Event security and crowd management
  • Specialized training, including terrorist threat awareness
  • Disputes and crisis management

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