About Us


Black Belt Security has made its primary goal to adapt to the digitalization of security processes. We have been recruited based on our past achievements and compliance with uniform norms. We take pride in our uniform as much as the army does in theirs. There is quite a similarity in the services provided by our soldiers and our Security force. Both are the first line of response against the threat.

We train our men extensively to he smart, alert, honest and nevertheless punctual. Our training is focused on teaching the security force to adapt the client’s process. Officers from the Black Belt motivate their Security force regularly. A culture of strict discipline is maintained at Black Belt Detectives to ensure it falls in line with the vision of exceeding standards. Basic Fire fighting drills, as well as First Aid responses, are periodically done at all locations to improve the response to any threat.

Security at work 2

Vigorous Screening Processes.


In-house Training School


Well defined hierarchy to ensure supervision.


Proper hierarchy and chain of command